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  [A Picture of me (Jason) and my cat (Horatio) ca. 1998]


Horatio, my pet, is wonderful little champagne-coloured Burmese kitten. He was born on Jan 27, 1997 at 4:05 AM in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Horatio was bred by Joan Yarmie of Woodbine Cottage Cats who has (in my humble opinion) the best cats in the world.


Most people seem to think that I named Horatio after the Shakesperian character:

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio"
Hamlet - Act V - Scene I

But they are mistaken! As a proud classicist, I actually named him Horatio after a great Roman warrior, Horatius Cocles -- find out more about why I named him Horatio.


Horatio has two brothers, Socrates and Mocha, but they have other owners and so he hasn't seen them in years.
Here is Horatio's (recent, simplified) family tree:

		Great-Grandmother: Rahda (Bombay)
		Great-Grandfather: ?     (Sable Burmese)
		Grandmother: Sheena   (Bombay) 
		Grandfather: ?        (Sable Burmese)
		Mother: Oopie      (Sable Burmese)
		Father: Wellington (Red-Cream Burmese)
		|               |             | 
		Horatio         Socrates      Mocha
	       `Champagne'     `Chocolate'   `Champagne'

Horatio is an apartment cat through and through and so he (thankfully) doesn't get out to 'meet' new cats. The only other real cat that he sees is his younger half-sister (and aunt) Clodia, whom he has come to accept as another servant with whom he can race around with and sleeps with. She also provides a free cleaning service for him so that he doesn't have to to all of his own cleaning!


Horatio has many other friends with whom he spends his time; such as: his playmates: Sabina (a catnip stuffed bunny), Vole (a medium toy rat), Mouse #1-N (an infinite supply of small toy mice), Ribbon (wrapping from a present), String (simple but fun), Box (great to hide under and leap out from), Plastic Thing (thin scrap to swat and bite), Ball et al. but Horatio's favourite playmate (besides me) is his reflection 'Oitaroh' -- his best friend (and worst enemy) in the mirror world. They love staring at each other and trying to take they other's toys.


Besides playing, he indulges himself in numerous activities such as sleeping, grooming, purring, gazing out the window, chasing bugs of all varities, and racing around frantically around 11:00. His specialties are stalking and jumping. More details later -- this is but an overview.

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